Base coating

The primer coat forms a base for all succeeding paint coats and is therefore very important.

Besides ready-painted products we also offer finishing materials that have been just base coated with primer.

The primer contains active ingredients effectively fighting mouldsĀ  and blue stain.

It does not contain free formaldehydes or emit formaldehydes into the environment when drying.

For base coating we use water-soluble environmentally friendly alkyd primers from leading Nordic paint producers such as Teknos, Tikkurila, Akzo Nobel and others.

Base coating is applied on all 4sides to provide higher durability and protection to the painted boards. The primers can be tinted according to all major color charts.

However, it is important to note that the primer alone does not protect wood in longer duration as it becomes brittle under UV radiation.
It is necessary to cover the primer with finishing paint.