Raitwood is dedicated to producing planed and coated materials from Nordic softwood

About us

Our future has been in timber for millennia – it is our passion and calling, it is part of who we are. Even as a modern timber processing company and a successful group of enterprises, we are at our core a group of people guided by centuries of knowledge and experience of our forests who just happen to be operating in the 21st century using state-of-the-art technology. We are a skilled team committed to woodwork driven by a sense of unity and desire for action. 

What we make from softwood finds its way as a finishing and construction material to master craftsmen who appreciate timber for its sustainable qualities. It is the views and stances  we agree on that unite us.

In addition to providing the Estonian market with timber, we export to around 40 countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australasia.

We are happy to work with like-minded partners and clients who appreciate the possibilities, quality and precision we offer, as well as our trustworthiness, proactive attitude and years of experience.

Our clients range from professional builders to DIY enthusiasts and from prefab housing factories and timber product manufacturers to distribution companies and resellers.

We produce materials that can be used for building houses and covering surfaces like floors, ceilings, internal walls, facades, terraces and fences.  Wood is unique, and when combined with a variety of finishing methods it offers endless possibilities in terms of style and atmosphere when creating a living environment.

We know that the key to the right solution is good cooperation and the feeling that you are using the right material which results from it: right in terms of both aesthetics and environmental sustainability. By adopting a personal approach and favouring direct contact, we reach an understanding with our clients and partners.

Wood is authentic, eco-friendly, healthy and the only truly renewable construction material. A connection has existed between humans and timber since the dawn of time. Modern science and engineering have expanded the possibilities for using wood in sustainable construction. — Wood is the best construction material of the future

"We know that the key to the right solution is good cooperation"
"By adopting a personal approach and favouring direct contact, we reach an understanding with our clients and partners"
years of experience
timber facades of private homes painted every year
countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australasia import our products
devoted people on the Raitwood team
Raitwood customer service terminals in Estonia, open to all

AS RAIT is founded

At first we export Estonian wood products to Sweden



We start planing operations on machinery bought in cooperation with our long-term Dutch partners

We produce the first shipments of industrially coloured planing material for export

We build our first factory with an automated planing line

We  introduce the concept of industrially painted cladding to the Estonian market

We set our focus on developing services for  the domestic market

The RAITWOOD trademark is adopted

Automatic drying technology is introduced at our finishing factory

We modernise our planing line built in 2002

The first RAITWOOD drive-in store opens and the service terminal concept is established in Estonia

We launch our second planing factory, equipped with world-class technology

A total of almost 200,000 m3 of planed wood  is deliverd to 40  countries


Estonia regains its independence

The Estonian president announces the Tiger Leap project

We buy our first sawmill: Aegviidu Puit

Skype is founded in Estonia

Estonia joins the European Union

The first International Wooden Architecture Conference is held in Estonia

Estonia adopts the euro

The new building of the Estonian National Museum opens in Tartu

Sustainable development with wood
We champion the use of Nordic softwood as part of a sustainable lifestyle. Wood is the only truly renewable material and if used correctly, it can be one of the key solutions to climate change.
The amount of CO₂ captured by a single wooden building is 100 times more than the amount of CO₂ emitted while processing wood.
Our products are robust and visually unique and last longer.
By using natural sustainable materials, we influence people’s welfare. Natural wood soothes your soul, helps you maintain a positive outlook and has a good influence overall on how you feel.
Technology and innovation

The right tools

We are constantly innovating to make our work processes more lean and effective. Building on the experience and knowledge we have gained over a quarter of a century, we have created a world-class wood profiling line. This is state-of-the-art technology – in many places we use unique custom-built equipment. The result is a tailor-made automatic planing line, designed in cooperation with our Swedish, German, Swiss, Dutch and Estonian partners. 

Our team
Effective processes and a pleasant atmosphere help us keep up the good work at every stage. We consider it important that our work be as meaningful and our cooperation as smooth as possible.


Good cooperation is the key to progress and success! Solutions and results are born from smooth cooperation between our dedicated expert team and our partners. Every member of the team is aware that their contribution forms important input for partners both within and outside of the company.


We do what we promise and we only promise what we can do! We value the trust we build up through long-term cooperation with our partners and within our team.


Proficiency is achieved through learning and development. It is important that experience is accumulated as knowledge. We learn from our mistakes, notice the positives and acknowledge good results. We share our knowledge and experience within the team.


Honest feedback and good synergy create an inspiring work environment. Transparency and open communication within the team and with our partners play important roles in our working culture


We keep the team’s health and well-being in mind, contribute to creating a safe and motivating working environment and are health-conscious. Our working environment is constantly developing and improving, with new working conditions and up-to-date (and safer) technology, tools and equipment.


With our products, we contribute to making the world more sustainable. Building with wood saves money and energy and is eco-friendly. Using wood, we create a healthy living environment. We closely monitor the impact of our activities on the environment and we keep an eye on our use of resources.
Join Raitwood

By working with us, you contribute to creating a more sustainable future!

We work with wooden materials whose use forms an integral part of sustainable lifestyles, since wood is a healthy and renewable material.

Raitwood is one of the leading companies in the world in its field.

We have more than 150 expert employees on our team, fulfilling a variety of roles. Our planing and finishing lines, our supply and export teams and our head office are located in Reola, near Tartu in Estonia. For the convenience of our domestic customers, we have established sales and service terminals in Tallinn as well as in Reola, right next to the factory.

We are always looking for active people who are eager to learn and who want to develop professionally in the field of the planing and finishing of wood. We are really proud of our people and their achievements!


Why Raitwood?
A developing, supportive, cooperation-oriented and friendly working environment
Modern, with the best equipment and a safe working environment
An enthusiastic attitude and oriented towards learning and solutions
Driven by a desire to become experts and professionals in your field
Health and well-being – we support sport and exercise and awareness of healthy lifestyles
Memorable events for teams and the company to enjoy together